Yorkshire’s Thriftiest Granny: the hunt is on!

Miss Thrifty6 June 19, 2010

yorkshire's thriftiest granny Do you know Yorkshire’s Thriftiest Granny? Perhaps you are Yorkshire’s Thriftiest Granny? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes”, I have the perfect competition for you.

Yorkshire Water has launched a contest to find… yes, you guessed it!

The utilities company is asking for tips, photographs and video clips of the region’s thrifty seniors in action. The prize: a Yorkshire-based family holiday worth up to £1,000.

The competition is open to all Yorkshire Water customers and the closing date for entries is 19 July 2010. Visit the Edna and Mary section of the Yorkshire Water website to enter.

Trust me: there is no shortage of eligible candidates up here. The region has a reputation for frugality: you are not allowed to live here if you haven’t perfected the art of sucking air through your teeth and saying ‘Ow much? in suitably scandalised tones. (FACT.) To my delight, there is even a special Yorkshire word that means to be able to afford something, but to be unable to justify the expense.

Entries will be showcased on the Yorkshire Water website, where customers can vote for their favourites. In the meantime I have been invited to assist with the judging process, picking out some of the best entries as they come in. I am looking forward to featuring some of the toppest tips here. I also hope to be calling on my very own Debbie McGee, Frugal Grandma, for assistance. I am certain that she coulda been a contender for this particular prize, had she not been born in Somerset…

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missthrifty says:

P.S. Frugal Grandma just emailed me, saying, ” I would like you to know that I can say “Owmooch” through my teeth and with a rising crescendo with the best of them”.

June 20, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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