old one pound coin

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What can you do with an old pound coin? Here are 5 great ideas.

Old pound coins might not be legal tender anymore, but you can still spend them. Don’t believe me? Read on to discover the banks, charities, supermarkets and coin dealers who will take your old round pounds. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 October 22, 2017

how to save a mortgage deposit

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Zero to house-buying hero: how to save a mortgage deposit

This time 10 years ago, we were buying a house: our first home, in North Yorkshire. The floors were bare boards, the walls were covered in yellow vinyl wallpaper, and the gas and electricity were on pre-pay meters (on a frozen … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty38 February 13, 2017

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Retirement Planning: Your New Year’s Resolution for 2017?

When it comes to saving for your retirement, are you a Savings Snail, a Money Mole or a Wise Owl? Skipton Building Society asked me to team up with them to help raise awareness of the dire state of the nation’s retirement savings – and I have a challenge for you! Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty6 December 8, 2016

retirement lifestyle planner

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Pension Planning: Like Ripping Off A Plaster The Size Of Your Entire Body? (Ad Feature)

I dare you: are you brave enough to do what I did and see a snapshot of what your retirement will look like? Are you going to be old and bold, or old and cold? Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 October 28, 2016

pension planning

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How Late Is Too Late To Plan For Retirement? (Ad Feature)

Job-hopping in my 20s, self-employed in my 30s… is it too late to salvage a decent pension plan? This is my personal finance weakspot so, when Aviva got in touch to ask me to test and write about their new Shape My Future tool, it seemed like the perfect time to face my bowler-hatted demons. (Glurk.) Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 October 21, 2016


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The Student Money-Saving Tips I Wish I’d Known

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I recently wrote a post for Matalan’s blog, with some of my top money-saving tips for students. My number one piece of advice? Don’t bother keeping up with the Student Joneses. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty3 September 23, 2016

financial admin diet

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The Financial Admin Diet: Little & Often

Recent research from Standard Life found that just 26% of us regularly put time aside to review our finances. These are the habits I have developed to keep everything in check. It’s like a financial admin diet – except that you are putting pounds on, instead of losing them. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 May 17, 2016

the dark striver

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Your Financial Personality: Ideas For Money-Saving Superheroes

Of the 10 Financial Personality Types, three are particularly common amongst Miss Thrifty readers: The Turbo Saver, The Enlightened One and The Dark Striver. How can these Financial Personality Types become smarter savers? Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 March 25, 2016

financial personality quiz

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Discover Your Financial Personality: Take The Test

Insurance company Aviva has created 10 financial personality types, from a research sample of more than 5,000 UK adults. Which one are you? Take this free test & find out. (Apparently I’m a ‘Turbo Saver’…) Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 March 17, 2016

money principle

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For money bloggers, good news comes in fivers

Right now, UK money bloggers are enjoying success and recognition. From awards to new website launches, there is plenty going on in our corner of the web. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty10 September 24, 2014

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All change, all change…

A new job, a rebirth as a commuter – and a monthly season ticket, the price of which is a thorn in my tightwad soul. Plus some bloggy developments. Yep, it’s all change around here… Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty11 July 27, 2014

sell stuff online

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It’s not all about eBay! Other popular sites for selling second-hand items

If you want to make money from your old stuff, the buck doesn’t stop with eBay! Here are some other popular sites for selling your second-hand items online. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty16 April 3, 2014

Personal Finance

THIS is why you need an emergency fund.

Your emergency fund is supposed to be three to six months of living costs. Easier said than done. So here is an emergency fund in use: lights, camera, action! Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty16 March 13, 2014

miss thrifty in the sun

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Eight all-time favourite money-saving tips

The Sun newspaper asked me for my eight top money-saving tips. After blogging about budget ideas for so long, it was difficult to choose. But here are my picks. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 February 12, 2014

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Become an expert haggler in four easy steps

Trust me: to haggle like a pro, you don’t need to be the most articulate or formidable person in the world. A little front goes a long way. Here are my top haggling tips. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty12 January 16, 2014

black friday uk

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‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’: do we really have to do this?

This year, my inbox is full to bursting with emails from PR companies and in-house marketing teams, all touting special UK Black Friday offers. I am unconvinced. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty11 November 29, 2013