WINNERS: Cadbury’s Chocolate Hamper competition

Miss Thrifty0 December 15, 2011

Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s competition to win a Cadbury’s chocolate hamper and other goodies from Cadbury Gifts Direct. There were almost 900 of you! I wanted to announce the four winners as quickly as possible, so that Cadbury can get their prizes out in time for Christmas…

The winners were picked using a random number generator. There were three winners who commented on the blog, and one winner who commented on the Miss Thrifty Facebook page.

First Prize: Cadbury’s Chocolate Hamper

cadburys chocolate hamper

The winner:


Runner-Up Prizes: Christmas Treasure Boxes

cadbury christmas treasure box

The winners:



Bonus Runners-Up Prize: Two Christmas Selection Stockings

cadbury christmas selection stockings

The winner:


Congratulations to Jill Mann, Saj Furid, Lisa Kate Clayton and Christina Morrow. Don’t eat all the chocs at once!

Another competition coming up… 😉

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