Well hello Daily Telegraph readers!

Miss Thrifty1 October 29, 2011

As you are here after reading this feature in today’s newspaper, I am guessing that you don’t care much for keeping on the Chancellor’s sweet side…

Mind you, the politicians’ approach to thrift and economy confuses me. I don’t often touch upon politics these days, because as it turned out, readers of this blog were less interested in bombast than they were in practical ways to save money and live well for less.

However it wasn’t all that long ago that David Cameron was waxing lyrical about how his would be a “Government of Thrift“. And now? From today’s Daily Telegraph:

“Our leaders are desperate for families to spend and kick-start the economy…not to read – and act on – Miss Thrifty’s blog.”

Here are some of the posts referenced in today’s article:

Shopping for fruit & veg: six money-saving tips“Supermarkets always put the fruit & veg aisle by the entrance, but don’t begin your shop there. Pound for pound, it’s an expensive aisle. When I shop, I walk straight through and head for the freezer aisle in the store’s far corner…”

Seven good reasons to shop after 7 pm“As I’ve mentioned before now, one of my most effective ploys is to do my frugal food shopping at the end of the day, in the hour before the store closes. Here are seven reasons why, courtesy of the bakery section at Morrisons yesterday…”

Using up vegetables: my top thrifty recipe“Our household of two was about to travel south for the Christmas break, and we didn’t have time to eat all the vegetables before we went. The solution? It’s a favourite recipe of mine: Winter Vegetable Pie, a “frugalised” version of an old Delia Smith recipe (not one of Delia’s strange “frugal” recipes, I’d like to add).”

Why I love debt – I don’t really love debt, of course. This post is the story of how I went from Spendy Queen to Frugal Freak, setting up this blog along the way.

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1 Response to “Well hello Daily Telegraph readers!

Karen says:

I am so glad I am not the only person who finds the politicians and the media are giving out mixed messages. On one hand we all spend too much, have too much debt etc… and then the next we are being told we need to spend more to jump start the economy. Sorry but you can’t have it both ways chaps!
In my opinion, we are all far too fixated on having stuff, even a lot of these “frugal” sites are just about having stuff for less cash. We need to be looking at moving away from the economy of buying crap – so come on Mr Cameron lets have some new thinking!

October 30, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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