Well, hello again

Miss Thrifty0 March 8, 2011

tea plantation assam Remember a few months ago, when I asked your advice about going out to India for a favourite friend’s wedding in 2011? Some good points were made and I decided to go for it – even though I don’t like putting personal expenses on credit cards.

Well, two things. Firstly, all my fretting about credit cards came to naught as between then and now, I was able to save like a demon and cover the costs without resorting to plastic.

Secondly, I went and did it! Yes, I sneaked off to India a couple of weeks back and returned to the UK at the weekend. I’m clinging to the fanciful notion that if I hadn’t scheduled posts before I went, you would have missed me dreadfully.

Well, the holiday lived up to its top billing. The wedding was spectacular, the scenery stunning and we got to hang out in a tea plantation (above), drink lots of cups of delicious Assam and go on an elephant safari.

There is plenty to tell you about, but in the meantime another competition is coming up…

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