Waste not, want not – old school tips

Miss Thrifty5 November 12, 2008

I asked my Frugal Grandma if she would provide holiday cover while I am away on my Thrifty Roadtrip this week. Frugal Grandma can do anything..

Biscuits gone a bit soft? Use them as a crumble topping over fruit, sprinkle with sugar and cook.

Don’t throw away the chicken carcass: boil it with the skin, then strain it off and pick out any pieces of chicken meat (horrible job). Bung them in the stock with salt and pepper, tarragon, dill, garlic and anything else that’s handy. If it looks a bit anaemic, add a tin of mushroom soup.
You should have enough soup to put some in the freezer.

Apples gone wrinkly? Wash them, cut a line around the middle, core them, fill with sultanas and honey (or whatever you fancy) and then bake them until soft and mushy. Very quick dessert!

– Frugal Grandma

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