Want cheaper energy bills? Here’s a new idea…

Miss Thrifty2 March 8, 2010

A millionaire businessman, Matt Stockdale, is launching a new energy company – charging gas and electricity at cost. Fat cats, begorrah!

The company is called At Cost Energy. It isn’t up and running yet – at the time of writing, an application to become one of OFGEM’s licensed energy supply companies is going through the system – but prospective customers are being invited to register their interest at the At Cost Energy website. There is no obligation to sign up, but At Cost Energy is hoping for an indication of how much energy it may need to buy, with a view to going “live” later this year.

I have registered – this initiative is timely. E.ON’s buffoonery is beginning to get on my wick;  we were recently moved from monthly direct debit to quarterly invoices, without any warning, and landed with a stonking great bill. Not amused.

From the At Cost Energy website:

Welcome to At Cost Energy – where we believe gas and electricity are a necessity to live, not a luxury!

We challenge why ANY company should be allowed to profit from something that in our founder’s opinion, is a basic human right.

As the name suggests we offer gas and electricity AT COST, no hidden extras, no flashy London offices, no pretty water feature in reception, no shareholders, no director bonuses, just the same gas and electricity you use currently, but AT COST!

The only thing that changes when you switch to At Cost Energy is the name at the top of the bill and the lower amount you pay at the bottom!

No misleading ploys, no introductory offers, just gas and electricity… AT COST!

[At Cost Energy]

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2 Responses to “Want cheaper energy bills? Here’s a new idea…

thomas adair says:

Mr. Stockdale,

I’ve developed a financial arbitrage that will enable you to sell energy and the buyer doesn’t have to pay for it.

Athenapro.com(in development) can give you an idea of what i can do.

[email protected]

March 8, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Teresa says:

Thanks for the info. I hope it lives up to expectations! I’ve registered.
Teresa x

March 26, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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