Top thrifty shoe tips – and the SHOO, Jimmy Choo! winner

Miss Thrifty3 June 17, 2010

feet fairies Miss Thrifty readers sent in some great thrifty shoe tips for the recent competition to win a copy of SHOO, Jimmy Choo! – and here are some of the best.

Buying the right shoes

Never, ever buy shoes that don’t fit! If you can’t run for the bus in them when you’re late for work, they’re not going to make it through the rest of the day without you feeling the pain somewhere! (Sue)

I highly recommend Deichmann Shoes for value for money. I am not a big spender on fashionable footwear but when I do buy them, I like to feel I have got a pair that will last and for a good price. (Victoria at Do Away With Debt)

Buy a pair of Feet Fairies or similar: these are flat shoes (above) which roll up and come with their own little pouch. After a hard night on the town when your feet are killing you, you simply swap your high heels for the flat shoes, and unfold the pouch into a bag big enough to hold your stilettos. Feet Fairies cost about £20 (note from Miss T: the Feet Fairies website has pairs from £9.99) and there are other cheaper brands out there… why is spending money on these a thrifty tip? Because in these, you can walk home comfortably, and don’t need to spend money on a taxi! (Caroline)
Always, always wait for shoes to go on sale. Nordstroms has really good shoes for the price but they always go on sale eventually. Paying full price is just crazy. Watch online and create a wish list, monitor this often. I’ve been able to pick up really great shoes 40-50% off doing this. (Michelle)

vaseline Wearing your shoes in

If you have hard, tight boots (and if you can bear this), try wearing them for half an hour at a time in front of the TV while wearing damp socks. (Diana)

Apply Vaseline to soften them up! (Helen)
I am a total flip-flop girl, but when I’m out for a night in the town I love wearing a cute pair of heels! I make sure to lather my feet with shea butter lotion before bed so I keep my feet nice and soft! (Annel)

black sharpie shoes Making your shoes last

Here’s my tip (something an old-fashioned cobbler once told me). Never wear the same pair of shoes two days running. They need time to breathe and recover in order to last longer. If you can, invest in some proper shoe trees to help them keep their shape. Cedarwood ones are best as the oil is naturally anti-bacterial and odour killing. Insert your shoe trees when your shoes are not in use, and make sure you rotate which ones you wear. That way they will last you for years and years. (Elizabeth)

Use a shoe horn when putting on flats and courts as this will prevent you from breaking down the backs. (Caroline)

Stuff your favourite boots/pointy shoes/precious closed-toes with newspaper to keep their shape when you’re not wearing them. It actually works, especially for boots, and keeps them pretty for longer. (Em)

How about giving them a polish (if appropriate) once in a while. Nobody seems to do that any more! (Teresa at Stitchy Stuff)
If you have stains on your Ugg boots get some Fullers Earth (available from most chemists, it’s a clay powder that doesn’t contain water, so won’t damage your boots and it’s great at soaking up oil from leather). Rub into the stain, leave overnight and brush off in the morning. (Susie)

I’ve used a black sharpie to cover a small scuff on my black boots. I beats having to buy a new pair and no one has ever noticed! (Jenna)


WINNER ALERT: The winner of the SHOO, Jimmy Choo! prize draw is Helen (entry 13 – lucky for some). Well done!

And for the rest of you: I have a number of books that I’ll be giving away over the next couple of months, so watch this space…

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Fantastic advice about taking care of your shoos!

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