THEOUTNET.COM: The Miss Thrifty Verdict

Miss Thrifty0 February 12, 2009

Ha! I’m turning into the frugal online version of Arlene Philips.

Yesterday I gave Chiconomise the once over; today I’m turning my gimlet gaze upon the new online venture from Natalie Massenet, the businesswoman behind the super-expensive (and rather splendid) online designer emporium Net-A-Porter.

It is called THEOUTNET.COM and is getting reams of publicity: according to newspaper articles such as this one, it will be offering designer garb with stupendous discounts.

Even though the site isn’t due to go live until April, I’m already annoyed with it. I am quite aware that I may be a lone voice of dissent in the fashion lovers’ blogosphere (put THEOUTNET into Google Blog Search and you’ll see what I mean), but it does irk me that when you go to the homepage, there’s nothing but the logo and an invitation to sign up with your e-mail address, “to find out more about the most fashionable fashion outlet around”. Only after you have done this will you be summarily informed that the site is not yet live. Well gee, thanks. I feel so… cheated. And harvested!

I also raised an eyebrow at the site’s tagline: It’s Chico-nomics! Much like Chiconomise, no? And the Chico-nomics tag has a little TM next to it! Huh? Is the term “theirs”, now? I wonder if I’ll get a letter from the trademark lawyers about not putting the TM in a little circle.

Maybe I’m being a bit mean. And of course, if THEOUTNET.COM launches and it is jam-packed with dizzying designer discounts and swoonsome bargains, I reserve the right to take all of this back and tell you that THEOUTNET.COM is the most amazing site that ever lived, ever. Right now I’m just not ready to go ga-ga over it, like everyone else seems to be doing.

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