The Week That Was

Miss Thrifty3 June 29, 2009

Now, you may think that I have been as quiet as a dormouse this week, but I humbly refute such an allegation. It has been one of those rollercoaster weeks, filled with Stuff and Happenings.

It began relatively inconspicuously, when my mother – like a harbinger of Personal Finance Eventing – telephoned to complain that I had blogged about my DIY wedding cake without crediting her own role in this most protracted of patisserie sagas. I explained that I am planning to write about this at greater length at some point. I also promised that the instalment that takes place the day before the wedding, in which she pitches up at my flat, discovers that I have made a terrible mess of the fondant icing, and calmly sets to work with the icing bag and fluted nozzles (while I dissolve into a teary, syrupy blob in a corner of the galley kitchen), will be prominent.

My mother only found out about this blog relatively recently but, complaints aside, she is a useful reader to have on board. Every time a link breaks, she is on it like a hawk; if the server goes down, she’s on the blower immediately.  It is like having my very own Blog Inspector.

The next thing that happened: I am moving offices. I run my own business and, up until now, I have worked part of the week from home. This has been a frugal solution, I suppose; recently though, the disadvantages have been keenly felt. As my workload has continued to expand at a rapid rate, my off switch has all but vanished. It would be good to spend some time with my husband, as a matter of urgency; it’s also time to move my business on, without further ado.  So I’ve whacked down a deposit (hey, Emergency Funds are for businesses too!) and I’m due to move into my new office tomorrow. So my company’s outgoings have suddenly gone up – but, if business continues to grow at its current rate, this shift will turn out to be a shrewd investment. Also, I reckon that the extra rent works out far cheaper than a divorce. Anyway, I shall keep you posted.

Oh yes, the move also necessitated a shopping trip this weekend. IKEA on a Saturday: bleuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. Have you noticed that it is impossible to exit IKEA without feeling physically and emotionally exhausted? Do they put a special drug into the air conditioning, to wear you down one showroom section at a time?

The other big news is that our mortgage misadventures may be at an end (for now). After much to-ing, fro-ing, sweet talking of the Abbey and a timely intervention by a heavenly angel, a five-year fixed rate has been proffered and the finish line is in sight. I have the papers in front of me right now; they just need signing and returning. When the confirmation letter comes, I shall breathe easy. In the meantime, I’m merely thrilled that I shall no longer have to spend so many hours listening to Abbey’s interminable telephone hold music.

This week I was also delighted to feature in some tip-top blog carnivals. My post about how to find eBay bargains was featured in the Summer Vacation Edition of the Carnival of Pecuniarities, hosted by Momma’s Blog. My post about homemade floor cleaner was featured in the Make It From Scratch Carnival, over at It’s Frugal Being Green. My post about how to save money on clothes by organising your wardrobe was featured in the Festival of Frugality – Honeymoon Edition, hosted by Financial Highway.

Finally, we enjoyed a relaxing end to a busy week. We were driving through Masham, which is a little town in the Yorkshire Dales, not far from here, when we spotted a Morris Dancing festival taking place outside one of the local pubs. We stopped for a drink and enjoyed the music, jingle bells, sticks and general jollity (fuelled, no doubt, by the adjacent ale tent). It is a truth universally acknowledged, that it is impossible to be stressed when the sun is shining and you are surrounded by dancing, bouncing men with big bouquets of flowers on their heads.

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3 Responses to “The Week That Was

Rob Lewis says:

I found myself trapped in Ikea at the weekend too – I’m not sure about the drugs in the air conditioning, think it’s more the fact that they make you walk about 5 and a half miles to get round the place. At one point we found ourselves walking round in circles just to find the hidden shortcut to get us to the checkouts!

Got some lovely stuff in there though, I can always feel my wallet tensing up when we go in there.

June 29, 2009 at 12:31 pm

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