The six best money boxes on Etsy

Miss Thrifty2 June 1, 2010

money box coin savers

1. Vintage coin savers. $7.50.

money box - black sheep

2. Vintage black sheep money box. $5.75. (Does not ship to UK, but come on: isn’t it the best?)

money box toadstool

3. Wooden toadstool money box, with ladybirds. $6.00.

money box postbox

4. Vintage tin postbox money box. $9.99.

money box copper trinket tin

5.  Copper-plated trinket tin. $9.00.

6. Ceramic egg money boxes. These are made to order from Etsy seller mudpuppy, so I don’t know how much they cost, but I love them.

All items can be delivered to UK customers, unless otherwise stated.

Etsy, for the uninitiated, is like an especially addictive version of Amazon. It is populated by creative sellers who collect vintage items and make crafty, pretty things.

Any favourites?

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2 Responses to “The six best money boxes on Etsy

David Thomas says:

Post Office Savings Bank Money Box

These quirky items were believed to have been manufactured by Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd in the 1930’s, in order to encourage people to save. The Post Office Saving Bank money box was produced to look like a small book which could mingle amongst other real books on a book shelf in disguise, therefore with the idea that your savings would be kept relatively safe.

The Post Office would retain the key so that you couldn’t dip into your savings if tempted. We now have duplicate keys so you can make use of these vintage money box

December 24, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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