The Novelty Eggcup Holding Page

Miss Thrifty0 May 14, 2009

It may have seemed like a quiet week this week, but trust me: it’s been manic. Priorities sprouting and deadlines looming left, right and centre; I’ve been getting four hours kip a night, Margaret Thatcher style, and musing that work:life balance is pretty much work:work balance right now.  

Not that I’m complaining! In the current climate, it’s jolly nice to be rushed off my feet – and I get to keep my husband in bonbons for another month. The end is in sight and normal service is set to resume.

In the meantime, do you remember that a while back I wrote about shopping in the local pound store with a credit note? (Gosh, I’m classy.) I came away with some eggcups, £1 books and a hanging plate bracket – and wondered if I hadn’t gone off shopping altogether.

I underestimated the power of those eggcups (above). My husband thinks they’re the best thing ever, and I’ve been dining on lots of boiled eggs and soliders ever since.

Pound stores (and credit notes) rule.


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