The M&S website is my favourite online bargain bucket

Miss Thrifty1 September 10, 2012

I’ve just sorted out my winter wardrobe, courtesy of the Marks & Spencer online shop. Don’t fall off your chair: yes, this tightwad has actually logged on and bought some NEW clothes.

What does a site have to do to please a fussypants like me? Answer: a good amount. Although I buy most of my clothes online, I only land on the big retail brands when there are some serious bargains on offer. 

What draws me in are online deals and discounts. On the Marks & Spencer site, these are something of a revolving door: you have to grab ’em before they are gone again. But there always seem to be a couple of good deals running there. So I bided my time, and pounced…


M&S 5 Pockets Plain Stretch Coated Denim Jeggings It took me ages to get into jeggings, partly because I hate the stupid name and partly because you see so many cheap n’ nasty pairs around. You know the ones I mean: the denim-look leggings with the wobbly orange stitching up the side.

Earlier this year, I saw the light and eventually invested in a pair from M&S. These ones are super-jeggings. They are sturdy, without being bulky around the waist. They feel like super-stretchy denim rather than legging lycra, have pockets, come in black, in a variety of lengths and you don’t have to wear extra-long T-shirts with them like you do with regular leggings. They are like skinny jeans, but far more comfortable (and flattering).

They cost £29.50, which is more than I had wanted to spend, but have turned out to be a good investment. I have worn my current pair non-stop throughout the summer. They haven’t faded and, even though I spend a lot of my spare time hanging out on the carpet with Thrifty Baby,  the knees haven’t gone baggy.

So I invested in a couple more pairs for winter. They were 20% off, bringing the price down to £23.60 per pair. Sadly, this deal expired a few hours after I placed my order – like I said, you have to be quick on this site!


Cashmilon™ V-Neck Striped Jumper - Marks & Spencer Right now there is a special offer on: two jumpers for £20. I bought a soft grey V-neck and this black and red stripey one, in the supersoft Cashmilon yarn. They were reduced from £14  and £17.50 respectively, so I saved £11.50.

Delivery was free – another special special – saving me £3.50. Finally, I purchased the items via the online cashback store Quidco. This offered 3% cashback on all M&S purchases, which saved me a further £3.24.

So overall, thanks to online discounts and cashback, I landed two new winter outfits for £67.20 – and saved a total of £30.04 along the way. I’m happy with that, because I’m expecting to get an awful lot of wear out of these items, crawling around after Thrifty Baby.


That’s me spent, but if you are shopping for clothes then I recommend that you keep an eye on the special offers – and also on the Outlet section of the website, which acts as a permanent sale aisle. There is plenty to be had there. If I hadn’t splurged on jeggings, I would have splurged on these Limited Collection brogues, reduced from £25.00 to £15.00:

M&S Limited Collection Lace Up Brogue Shoes

I also like these purple shoe boots, reduced from £29.50 to £13.60:

M&S Wide Fit Stiletto Heel Lace Up Shoe Boots

Dream on, Thrifty Momma, dream on…

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