Taking cuttings from carnations and chrysanthemums

Miss Thrifty1 November 13, 2008

I asked my Frugal Grandma if she would provide holiday cover while I am away on my Thrifty Roadtrip this week. Frugal Grandma can do anything…

When someone gives you a bunch of carnations or chrysanthemums, take off the little 2″-3″ shoots and grow your own.

Wet the shoots’ bottoms, dip in root powder and plant in a small pot (several to a pot as they won’t all take).

Do not try to root any with a flower bud on them as plants do not like to make flower and root at the same time.

– Frugal Grandma

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1 Response to “Taking cuttings from carnations and chrysanthemums

David Child says:

I want a Frugal Grandma! Can I pick one up at Morrison’s with my weekly shop?

November 13, 2008 at 9:40 pm

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