Sainsburys DVDs for £5

Miss Thrifty0 April 8, 2012

cheap true grit dvd Just a quick heads up for film buffs: the online arm of Sainsburys has added loads of much-loved films to its bargain bucket of DVDs.

The True Grit/No Country For Old Men double bill was the one that caught my eye. I lovelovelove the Coen Brothers, and those are two of my all-time favourite movies – if you haven’t seen them, I can recommend them most highly. But there are plenty of other really good titles too.

They include:

cheap LOTR trilogy dvd

The complete Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

cheap inception dvd


And finally…

wallace & gromit the complete collection

Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection.

You can view the full list of titles here.

[DVDs for a fiver – Sainsburys Entertainment]

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