Rent a room – and get cashback

Miss Thrifty1 March 3, 2009

Nice Room is a company that provides what I suppose could be termed fully-serviced flatshares. When you rent a room in one of their houses or apartments, all your household bills are thrown in and you also get a rapid response maintenance line. The rooms all seem to be in London, but many of the tariffs are pretty decent by London standards.

This month the company is offering cash incentives to its clients new and old. Sign up to a 12 month contract on one of Nice Room’s selected rooms – and get £400 cashback. Nice Room clients are also set to receive £200 for every successful friend referral they make in March.

Sounds good to me. The only downside, in my experience of accommodation-sharing, is that all housemates are – without exception – quite bonkers. Even the seemingly sensible ones turn out to be in possession of unnerving quirks and predilections.

And yes: I do include my husband within that assessment. I’m sure he’d include me, too.

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1 Response to “Rent a room – and get cashback

sharon rose says:

Hi there-LOL, yes, we all have our little quirks, but I suppose when you save a lot of money sharing with someone else it can be worth the sacrifice!!

March 3, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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