Need new spectacles? Reglaze an old pair!

Miss Thrifty2 February 6, 2013

lenses for vintage glasses

Hey, spectacle wearers: do you remember when Glasses Direct launched, and we all did a double take? Startled by the staggering mark-ups on prescription glasses, the company’s founder launched his site with steeply discounted prices. Now those of us who want to save money on our spectacles have another option: a company called ReglazeMyGlasses, which does… well, you can probably guess.

Post your old pair to them and, for £19, ReglazeMyGlasses will give the frames an MOT, fit new lenses and return the newly-refurbished glasses to you.

So next time your eyesight changes and your optician coaxes you towards the racks of shiny new frames with the eyewatering price tags, know that a cheaper option  is available.

You send the frames freepost, in a sturdy cardboard box supplied by the company. You will need to send your prescription too – but if you don’t have this, ReglazeMyGlasses will track it down on your behalf.

According to the company’s founder, the ReglazeMyGlasses labs also make and fit lenses for customers of high street stores, and “optical specialists” discuss individual requirements with customers before any payments are made.

£19 is the starting price for standard single-vision lenses. Varifocals start at £44. Top range lenses, such as Zeiss and Essilor, are also available.

Visit the ReglazeMyGlasses website for further information.

And in case you are wondering: I have asked and YES, they will fit new lenses to vintage frames. With the caveat that vintage frames have a much higher chance of breaking!

I’m a bit gutted, really: I adore 1950s frames and, in the pre-thrifty days, used to collect them. They were (sorry for the pun) spectacular. I asked a number of high street opticians if they could fit new lenses to the frames, but everyone said no. In the end, when we were raising money to move to America in 2005, I packed up all those 1950s frames and sold them off on eBay. I wish I’d kept them now.


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2 Responses to “Need new spectacles? Reglaze an old pair!

Becki Buswell says:

Any idea on how long this takes? I need my glasses to drive, so will need them back within a few days?

February 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm

Miss Thrifty says:

Hi Becki. No idea, but I’d call them and ask – when I enquired about getting vintage frames done, they came back with an answer very quickly.

February 15, 2013 at 4:39 pm

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