Reader tip: free pots for your tomato plants

Miss Thrifty1 June 27, 2011

pots for tomato plants Short of big pots for your tomato plants? Here’s the perfect tip, from Miss Thrifty reader Sharon:

Are you having to pay out for buckets for your tomato plants, or other veg etc..? Take a trip down to your local, friendly chippy (where you hopefully got your pickling jars from) and ask them to save the buckets that they get mayo and salad cream in. These pots are big enough for a tomato plant – and come with lids, so also have innumerable uses around the house. They’re free, but I usually stick a few bob in the charity box if they have one.

Thanks Sharon!

Image credit: photon_de.

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1 Response to “Reader tip: free pots for your tomato plants

That is a great idea- i used to work in a chip shop and i would take the old pickling jars to make my own pickled onions for xmas pressies, but i never thought of growing toms in them. Another nifty tip for gardening is to go to a junk yard and see what you can find, a friend of mine grows veg and herbs in old sinks and animal troths, which actually looks quite artistic.

June 29, 2011 at 10:14 am

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