Psst! Freebies, UGG boots and upcoming competitions.

Miss Thrifty1 September 5, 2011

ugg boots competition I once wrote on this blog that I rarely got any good freebies – and then realised, a couple of weeks later, what a fib that was. The truth is, I get offered some great free gifts and products for review, but I rarely take up the offers.

It’s all very well receiving and reviewing luxury products, but hello: this is a blog about saving money and living within your means! So if it’s an item that doesn’t “fit”, or that I would never consider buying for the RRP in a million years, I tend to say no. The one that sticks out was a press trip to Orlando, to spend a week visiting the giant shopping malls there.

“My client is really interested in us getting a shopping blogger along on the trip”, wrote the well-intentioned PR, who must have been too busy panicking to read this blog properly. If she had done, she would have realised pretty quickly that an entire week spent in American shopping malls, in the company of shopaholic writers, would be my week from hell.

Sometimes I refuse these offers; at other times I suggest holding a reader giveaway instead. Which brings me to UGG boots…

Do you remember that sumptuous UGG boots mail order website, and popular competition to win a pair, from last year?

Recently the site owner contacted me once again, to ask if I would like to review a pair of the boots. I asked him to let me know if they were interested in running another UGG boot giveaway on the Miss Thrifty Blog and guess what? The answer came back as a big fat YES. That’s not all. They sent me a pair to review anyway – along with a discount code for Miss Thrifty readers.

So this is just a note to say that over the next couple of weeks, keep your eyes peeled for an UGG boot review and an UGG boot discount code and another UGG boot giveaway. I would say that I spoil you, but right now I feel pretty spoilt myself…

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1 Response to “Psst! Freebies, UGG boots and upcoming competitions.

Anna says:

Ohhh, I’ve been googling at the sparkly silver ugg boots in the shops but think I’ll be thrifty and buy a cheap black pair from Matalan and get my 10 year old to start shaking her glitter pot…..

September 15, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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