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Miss Thrifty3 June 5, 2013

pinterest uk Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of Pinterest, the social network that allows you to collect and organise pictures, instructables and more for the things you love. When you come across a picture or an idea that you like, either on Pinterest itself or on another site, you “pin” it to your board. You can follow people and see what they are pinning to their boards. If you really like their pins, you can leave comments or repin their pictures to your own boards.

You can find me on Pinterest here. In the past I have drawn upon Pinterest for inspiration for posts such as this one with five thrifty uses for old maps. I have also compiled a list of my favourite Thrifty Queens on Pinterest.

My favourite Pinterest board is my Thrifty Home board, which currently covers everything from DIY no-sew cushion covers to bottle cork pot rests.

  miss thrifty pinterest board

Pinterest recently got in touch with me to ask if I would take part in the Pin It Forward UK, campaign, which marks the launch of Pinterest in the UK. I was flattered but confused, because we have already had Pinterest here for a while now! So a nice lady from Pinterest explained what the UK launch is all about:

We’re doing more of a re-launch in so much that we’re translating the language on the website into British English and the content will have a more UK focus (in terms of who new pinners see when they create a new account, search results will show UK results on top, etc). It’s more of a personal touch more so than a different website. It’ll be the same website but now with even more relevant and personable content. You’ll still have access to the wide net of Pinterest information.

Upon reflection, I think this is a great idea. In the USA, Pinterest appears to be the preserve of women with a LOT more time on their hands on their hands than I have, and I have to check myself every time I start cooing over industrial quantities of washi tape, or get carried away by some fiendishly ambitious craft project. For example, the pictures of cookies all painstakingly wrapped up in brown paper and pieces of colourful ribbon and little hand-tied bows. In the UK, who would do this? As pretty as they look, I gave the project some thought and decided that I would rather spend that time eating all the cookies.


I also hold Pinterest for the time a picture editor at Look asked, in breathless tones, if the magazine could photograph me in my “craft room”. Ha! There isn’t enough room in this Yorkshire terrace for a coat cupboard, let alone a craft room. But looking at the bazillions of artfully assembled and photographed craft rooms on Pinterest, I can discern from whence this somewhat fanciful notion arose.


So I have high hopes for Pinterest UK. At the time of writing, my Pinterest feed is full of pictures of red telephone boxes and pie and mash shops. I suspect this sudden flurry of Anglomania is coincidental, since many of the Pinterest users I follow are American, but I like the omens. Fewer ribbon-wrapped cookies. MORE PIES.

  miss thrifty pinterest profile

For the Pin It Forward UK campaign, bloggers are taking it in turns to write about Pinterest. The next blogger up is the talented Elizabeth from Rosalilium. You can follow her pins here.



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3 Responses to “Pin It Forward UK

Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Karyn! I love all of the crafty inspirations you have discovered on Pinterest! I’m looking to redecorate some areas of my home and your Thrifty Home board was the perfect place for me to find great ideas! The painted tree stumps as a collective coffee table is amazing! Lauren, Community Coordinator

June 5, 2013 at 9:09 am

tina says:

Great post Miss Thirfty! I’m glad you wrote up a few words about your Pinterest UK experience and I hope you do get to see fewer cutely-wrapped cookies and more PIES! Thanks again for joining us in the Pin It Forward UK campaign.

June 5, 2013 at 9:57 am

Zubair says:

Hi Miss Thrifty,

Thank you very much for the info, I am also thinking of registering to use Pinterest. I here that is a good way to get more visitors and make new friends. I’ll give it go, hopefully it should not be too much effort.



June 5, 2013 at 7:41 pm

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