5 Must-Dos When You Buy In Bulk

Miss Thrifty4 March 30, 2016

pampers wonder week



Pampers recently held one of its limited-time Wonder Weeks, with discounts and deals on a wide range of Pampers nappies, across a wide range of retailers in the UK.  All the offers were bulk-buy deals; in other words, shoppers qualified for the savings by purchasing multiple boxes or packets of the Pampers products on offer.

For those who plan ahead, there are significant bulk-buy savings to be made in British stores and supermarkets. As part of its Wonder Week promotion, Pampers asked me for my five top tips – and here they are.


  1. Always compare costs and check the price per unit.

Let’s begin with the basics. In the UK, a product’s price label on the supermarket shelf will also specify the price per unit: the cost per 100ml, or kilogram, or item in the pack. If you are considering a bulk purchase of a product, then check this price-per-unit, compare it and make a judgement call before heaving the product into your trolley.

  • Are you going to save money?
  • If the product is perishable: are you certain that you will finish it before it expires? If not, bulk-buying may end up losing you money instead of saving it.

Actually, when it comes to checking the cost-per-unit, nappies are a perfect case in point. Look at all the different pack sizes listed above. To compound matters, pack sizes contain different numbers of nappies according to the nappy size. So if you don’t check the cost-per-unit, the true value of the deal may not be immediately apparent. Unless you are a whizz at mental arithmetic, that is. 😉


  1. If you are buying baby products, think long-term.

Babies have dastardly talents for outfoxing the best-laid plans. Take my lovely new Thrifty Baby: it was quite a surprise when my distinctly average-sized bump produced an unexpectedly big baby (9lb 13oz).  A few weeks on, he has already outgrown his 0-3 month outfits.

For this reason, think ahead if you are bulk-buying baby items such as clothes and nappies. Very often you can get significant savings on buying branded products like Pampers in bulk during events like Pampers Wonder Week. However babies grow so quickly, it is sensible to buy a size up or, if you can, mix and match your bulk buy products. (Buying packs of nappies in multiple sizes, for example – which you can do with many of the offers listed above.)

As for wipes, trust me: if you are planning to use them, you’ll be buying the packs for YEARS. Your bulk baby wipe stockpile will get used.


  1. “Stack” coupons and offers for additional savings.

In couponing parlance, to “stack” is to put multiple coupons, discounts and/or other special offers such as cashback deals towards the purchase of a single item.

Cut coupons from magazines and newspapers, print them from sites such as SuperSavvyMe and monitor the cashback offers on the CheckoutSmart and Shopitize phone apps. Keep an eye on supermarket deals via MySupermarket, so that you can pounce at the best possible time.


  1. Be wary of bulk-buying a product or brand you haven’t bought previously.

It’s on your head. If you end up with a cupboard full of face cream that brings you out in a rash, or a food brand that turns your tummy, you will have learned the hard way.

Fortunately, many of the baby brands are available to try at no cost or low cost: Pampers, for example, will send you free samples. Other baby-related brands can be sampled via the Bounty bags handed out in antenatal clinics and hospitals.


  1. Remember to adjust your household budget.

For those new to bulk-buying, here is a neat idea from an American money-saving blog, which is applicable to UK shoppers: raise your grocery budget, temporarily, by 25%.

Use that extra 25% to engage in some bulk buying, taking advantage of big sales when you see them.

Eventually, you won’t need that extra 25%. In fact, your household budget will now be significantly lower than it was before because most of your household purchases are simply irregular refills of things you already bought in bulk, plus you now can sit and wait for the truly good discounts.

Don’t do it all at once unless you have that cash easily available or you undo the financial advantages of bulk buying. (The Simple Dollar)

Oh – and if you uncover any stupendously marvellous bulk-buy offers, please share them here with your fellow Thrifties! 🙂

This post was produced in collaboration with Pampers.


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4 Responses to “5 Must-Dos When You Buy In Bulk

“Always compare costs and check the price per unit”

This is definitely important. You wouldn’t believe how many times I did the math and found it was actually more expensive to buy in bulk. Which was, of course, completely baffling, but who knows.

April 19, 2016 at 10:28 pm

Michelle says:

Miss Thrifty, I cannot express just how happy I am finding this awesome post about buying in bulk. I am a mother of two children under 4 years and this certainly helped me. I often look for best deals on bargain buys for busy mums. And, I never think twice and just make the buy but I am certainly going to remember one specific point: “Be wary of bulk-buying a product or brand you haven’t bought previously.” Thank You very much.

May 15, 2016 at 6:57 pm

Great blog post.

I’m definitely a fan of #3

“Stack” coupons and offers for additional savings”

I find that using reward card points and voucher codes are the most effective way to see some reduced costs as most retailers and brands prevent you using 2 voucher codes consecutively.

Unless of course, it is not stipulated in the Ts&Cs! 😉

June 14, 2016 at 8:19 pm

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