One advantage of a messy garden…

Miss Thrifty1 September 10, 2010

brambles …is a lot of yummy blackberries at this time of year!

I have written before about the trials and tribulations of our garden:

When we moved in the garden was a mess. The previous occupants had used it as a rubbish dump for 10 years; when they were repossessed, the garden was deemed a public health hazard and it took four skips to clear it out. When we moved in, the garden was covered in weeds and waist-high brambles. Rather like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, if Sleeping Beauty’s castle was a former council terrace.

We uprooted brambles from the lawn and the patio, and cut others back to the corners of the garden. These brambles are terrible pests though: they are forever popping up in new places or growing at a rate of knots and making a break across the shed roof.

Once a year though, I’m pleased that they’re still around. The blackberries (pictured) are delicious – and they just keep on a-coming. Jam and crumble time!

P.S. Before I forget: I’ll be launching a new giveaway this weekend. There is a saucy little clue about it over on the Miss Thrifty Facebook page. I’m excited already as it’s another terrific prize, so stay tuned!

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