My favourite use for a Tesco Value Vacuum Cleaner

Miss Thrifty0 June 28, 2010

tesco value vacuum Question: look at the picture. What do you see?

If your answer is a £14.98 Value Vacuum Cleaner from Tesco, you are only half-right…

As it turns out this humble vac won’t just clean your carpets… It will also help you to scale walls and ceilings!

Hibiki Kono, a 13-year-old Spiderman fan from Cambridge, has turned two of these vacuum cleaners into a climbing machine. Apparently he created this masterpiece in design technology lessons, adapting the vacuum nozzles into giant sucker pads, and wowed the other students when he scaled a wall during school assembly.

His design technology teacher Angus Gent said: ‘I’m hugely proud of him. When he came to me with the idea at the beginning I had my doubts, but once he proved it could be done I encouraged him.

‘He developed it himself which is amazing for someone of his age.

‘He has spent two and a half hours a week creating it over the last five months.’

Hibiki, whose friends have been working on more down-to-earth technology projects such as coffee tables and remote controlled boats, said the gadget is great fun.

‘I wanted to make something a bit different and I designed most of it myself.

‘My mum thinks it’s brilliant but she won’t let me us it in my bedroom as she is worried I may pull down the ceiling.

The Daily Mail carries the story – along with some great pictures of the gadget in action.

I love this kid: he’s a real-life Data from The Goonies. I’d like him to come round my house and see what he could do with my Vax and slow cooker.

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