Mumm-Car, The Ever Living

Miss Thrifty0 December 10, 2008

My family tease me horribly about my 23-year-old Thriftymobile. Comments range from “OMG, it’s still running?” to “But is it safe?” and “Wouldn’t you rather have a nice car like mine?”

So here is the automobile latest:

Brother’s Fancy Renault: at the scrapyard, after failing its MOT on multiple counts.

Mother’s Spendy Hyundai: at the menders, following a cataclysmic tussle with the kerb. (Pah! How feeble.)

Father’s Vauxhall: currently fit for “super-local trips” only, after various parts of its engine and chassis disintegrated.

Thriftymobile:  running like a dream!

HA! Guess who’s going to be chauffeuring everyone around, come Christmas?

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