(Late) Friday Bargains: Flowers & More from Morrisons

Miss Thrifty2 February 16, 2009

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I must apologise for the extremely late running of Friday Bargains. This is because I was out on the razzle when I should have been posting. It’s all come good though: I was moping around Morrisons at the weekend and… Well, I say “moping”; I cleaned up!

Lots and lots and lots of £1 offers at the mo. Not the rubbish stuff, either: there are plenty of goodies to be had. I picked up everything from fish to potatoes.

Best of all there was a stand of summer bulbs and perennials, for £1 a bag. I picked up bags of lupins, red hot pokers, aquilegia and hollyhocks. I love me a good hollyhock!

Frugal Grandma is currently on a month’s sojourn in Egypt (and is apparently having a very nice time, down amongst the sun loungers) but when she returns I shall be asking her for planting tips.

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2 Responses to “(Late) Friday Bargains: Flowers & More from Morrisons

Hollie says:

With 20 mins to waste between train swapping, I popped into M&S in Leeds station last night and they have small bunches of 9 red roses in a cute little gift bag for £2! Pre-Valentines day they were priced at £6.99!!!They come in their own water with a bit of liquid feed and since getting home to the shed, they have been happily deposited into a pale yellow (50p) Lovatt jug I bought at the local carboot. They look truly scrumptious and the gift bag can be used for a future gift. The label says they’ll last at least 7 days, so if you need a cheap way to brighten a room (or shed) then pop down to M&S to stock up on their roses!

February 17, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Nancy Dean says:

I love a bargain and am thrilled to report that I got an absolute one just before Christmas while shopping in M&S @ Birstal in Leeds.
To digress a little, I have realised that M&S have now started to reduce food items at around 2.30 each day, this is the 1st of a three step process, 1st step, 25% reduction, 2nd step, 50% reduction and about an hour before closing, whatever is left is finally reduced by 75%.
Anyway, back to the bargain in hand, noticing that something’s were being reduced I stopped to see if I could help out by taking something off their hands and indeed I could, not one,two but three turkey crowns, at full price the total price should have been £116.00 for which I paid £24.00 more than enough to feed all 12 visitors for Xmas lunch.
For some time now I have been shopping by what’s on offer and reduced and I am saving money and having the best time doing it. Nothing like a bargain to put a smile on your face.

December 28, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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