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Miss Thrifty1 July 9, 2008

miss thrifty manifesto

Well, I couldn’t think of a better day on which to begin. Credit crunch hysteria is at fever pitch.

Today the UK’s biggest housebuilder has announced that it is cutting a fifth of its workforce. Our Beloved Leader, Gordon Brown, has told us to cut fuel costs by learning “eco-driving techniques”. (This seems a bit rich, coming from a man whose fuel bill must create a carbon footprint the size of Madagascar. Mind you, yesterday he told us to stop wasting food – shortly before tucking into an eight-course banquet at the G8 Summit.)   London’s stocks plummeted into a bear market. The British Chambers of Commerce warned that the country is at serious risk of recession. And the bad news continues to pile up.

Predictably, we’re now seeing a glut of cost cutting and careful-with-your-money stories in newspapers and magazines. Just as predictably, the majority of these stories seem to be written by bright young things with names like Henry and Penelope, who propose “solutions” such as changing credit card providers, sharing Abel & Cole boxes with neighbours and buying fewer designer clothes. But let’s face it: if your purse is being squeezed and you are looking to slash your outgoings, sharing out your organic vegetables will only get you so far.

This is where I come in. And before you ask: no, you won’t find me on a West Country “homestead”, harnessing energy via a mini wind turbine and washing clothes with homemade soapflakes and a hand-cranked mangle. As it happens, my wardrobe is stuffed with goodies, my house is looking better than ever, and I’m too busy to be scraping soapy pillowcases against reclaimed washboards. Even so, my outgoings – after household bills – amount to less than two hundred pounds a month.

In short, I live a good life on a very small amount of money. Starting now, I shall be posting advice, bargain offers, top tips and more. Visit this blog or subscribe to my RSS Feed for daily updates. And if you have any comments or tips of your own to offer – I’d love to hear them!

Miss Thrifty

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