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Miss Thrifty1 June 24, 2010

Miss Thrifty on Facebook First things first: I now have a Facebook page for this blog!

This spanking new page has been unveiled for a number of reasons: because increasing numbers of you are using Facebook as your personal RSS readers, because one or two (ahem) namesakes had started appearing over there, and because plans are afoot. Oh yes: I’ll continue to give away books, handbags and other prizes on the blog, but I’ll also be running additional competitions exclusively for RSS subscribers and Facebook likers. I can’t wait!

So anyway, please do come along and give me a little thumbs up if you will: I’m boxfresh and kinda lonely over there at the moment (blub).

This week I was also interviewed by the lovely Shayna, over at the Fabulous Savings blog, for her Meet a Blogger series. You can check out my moment in the spotlight here. Thanks Shayna!

In line with this new-found ubiquity, it has been a busy week for blog carnivals.

The Yakezie Carnival, hosted at Young and Thrifty, featured my post about the search for Yorkshire’s Thriftiest Granny.

SIMPLE PLEASURES: flowers from the garden made it into the Everything Home Carnival, over at My DIY Tips.

Make Do And Mend: in moving pictures! was selected for Nerdwallet’s 234th Festival of Frugality.

What a haul!

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Magic Mummy says:

Just found you and followed you x

June 26, 2010 at 7:34 pm

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