Miss Thrifty Loves: £15 macs from Tesco!

Miss Thrifty0 November 15, 2010

If you’re in the market for a mac, check out the selection in Tesco. I don’t shop in Tesco very often, partly because there isn’t one near us (unusual, I know) and partly because I’m still moody about the Tesco cashmere sweater that cost next to nothing – but pilled, bobbled and stretched within a month.


I’m in love with my new belted mac from Tesco. It is navy blue with polka dots, double-breasted, neatly lined and nicely cut. It isn’t on the supermarket’s website but there are plenty of others in similar patterns and different colours, for less than £25

tesco mac

This mac has been reduced from £30 to just £15. It is cotton double-breasted, with front pockets. It looks pink in the picture, but is orange; personally I love orange, but I thought I should warn you in case you don’t.

F&F Signature Double-Breasted Mac

tesco swing mac

This is a navy swing-style mac, priced £20 and available in sizes 10 to 22.

F&F Swing Mac

tesco turquoise mac

Finally, this one has the same cut as my Tesco polka dot mac: double-breasted, belted and skirted. It makes for a nice fit over jeans or trousers. This mac is also available in blue and pink, and has been reduced from £28 to just £21.

F&F Belted Mac

I want them all!

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