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Miss Thrifty3 June 17, 2009

ask miss thrifty Many of this blog’s visitors arrive via Google. Many of the search queries that lead people here are in the form of questions. The answers, I haz them…

why are the tesco voucher codes not working

Because you have the caps lock on. Either that, or your codes have expired; go here for the latest ones.

why do wedding cakes cost so much?

Because, dear heart, they’re a bitch to make. Think about it: you bake several cakes, faff arround with dowelling supports and then spend a gazillion years on the icing and decoration. Even then, it’s not over: you have to take the damned thing apart, get it to the venue and assemble it again without breaking or toppling anything. When I got married I decided to make my own wedding cake and save money. Four tiers and several sugar rose cascades later, the painful and protracted experience was seared upon my soul.

how to make a fake wedding cake

Ah, so I’ve put you off making a bona fide wedding cake. And now you’ve read the fake wedding cake post. To be honest, if you are making it yourself I wouldn’t bother with this option. Fake wedding cakes are polystyrene on the inside – but it’s the tricksy icing, rather than the cake-baking, that will destroy your soul.

are soap nuts any good

They are marvellous. I am nuts about soap nuts.

are there eny boot sales in collier row romford

Ask Sharon Rose; she will know.

how do i get oil off the driveway

Clay and a solvent. The Thriftymobile went through a phase of splashing oil wherever it went, but this kitty litter + paint thinner recipe did the trick.

what to do with stale croissants

A fancypants bread and butter pudding.

where can i buy cath kidston wallpaper

Cath Kidston’s online shop. But if you are looking to pay less for that chintzy English look, I refer you to my Cath Kidston wallpaper post – where all is revealed!

are yorkshire people thrifty?

Q: Why is a 50p pence the shape it is?    A: So that you can get it out of a Yorkshireman’s hand with a spanner.

does rubbing alcohol take out grease spots


what keeps ants away?

Basil and/or talcum powder.

what is your favourite perfume?

Good old-fashioned Lily of the Valley by Crabtree & Evelyn. Nobody else buys it because it looks like granny perfume, but the fragrance is divine. Who wants to smell like everyone else anyway?

what do u call a money box

I think you have answered your question.

how to make your own marie rose sauce?

Frugal Grandma’s marie rose sauce recipe is a winner.

what cleans patent leather

Olive oil. Wipe on, wipe off. See my cleaning patent leather post for details.

my car was a “write-off”, can I still get a car scrappage deal

No. To qualify, your car has to be roadworthy.

how to pick up an ebay bargain

Where to start? Maybe here. Or here.

how to stop food going mouldy

Stick a clean, dry sponge in the salad drawer.

do you like Cath Kidston

Yes. Lots. But I’m not paying £10 for a floral oven glove.

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3 Responses to “Miss Thrifty At Your Service

Kate says:

Oh man, that was funny! My blog isn’t anywhere near as popular as yours, but I always love to look at the queries that bring people to it (I write a food blog). I think my all time favorite was “Opera’s Turkey Meatballs.” Cracked me up. And I think it’s so important to appreciate those little things in life, because really, it’s The Power of Small that can make all the difference 😉

June 24, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Quick tip for UGG boots this winter. Make sure you waterproof them, they really don’t like water. Look after them, we all know how expensive they are. A good water proofer is a £1 at most. Stay warm and dry.

January 7, 2010 at 12:31 pm

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