Marie Rose sauce recipe – by Frugal Grandma

Miss Thrifty1 April 8, 2009

Frugal Grandma is back from her latest bargain sunshine holiday. I popped in for lunch at the weekend; I left with a cupboard’s worth of homemade jam (plum, raspberry, blackberry and apple, and orange and lemon marmalade) and a giant pot of geraniums. I am so spoiled!

FG was also kind enough to pass on another of her frugal recipes:

Make your own Marie Rose sauce for prawns (or shrimp). It’s so much tastier and cheaper than the bought variety.

If you use frozen prawns, make sure that they have been slowly defrosted or they lose their taste.

In a bowl, add  a generous dollop of mayonnaise or salad cream.

Then a good splosh of lemon juice.

Half a teaspoon of horseradish, for that extra kick.

Enough tomato sauce to colour the mixture.

A fair sized dash of cream.   (If this makes it too pale, add more tomato sauce)

Stir the prawns into the mixture some time before you are ready to eat, as they will improve for standing.

This sauce takes no more than two minutes to make – even for those of us who are knocking on 80.

Image credit: morbuto.

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