Income tax: are you due a refund?

Miss Thrifty0 May 3, 2010

Income tax refund Pay income tax? Fed up with paying income tax? Want to know if you’re due a refund?

If your answers to the above questions fall into the Yes, Yes and Thrice Yes category, this missive from Miss Thrifty reader David may interest you:

Hi Miss Thrifty,

I read your blog and thought you might be interested in a money saving tip for your readers.

As the new tax year has started in the UK, people will shortly be getting their P60’s. Each year over £300 million goes unclaimed in tax refunds.

I am writing a short, two part blog series about how (1) people can check if they are due a tax refund and (2) how they can make claim the money back themselves. The post is live at and I would really appreciate any exposure you could maybe give it.

For future reference: David’s blog is Tax Return Blog.

Image credit: alan_cleaver2000.

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