If you are one of my 700 Google Reader subscribers…

Miss Thrifty2 June 30, 2013

goodbye google reader

…The train is about to leave the station! By far the majority of readers who subscribe to Miss Thrifty do so via email, but if you use Google Reader to keep on top of blog posts you will probably know already that Google is about to wave goodbye to its popular service.

This isn’t going to be a lengthy post. Partly because every blog under the sun is imploring readers to switch before the sun sets, and partly because when I look at my subscriber stats, I suspect that a lot of Google Reader users have already moved on to other services.

Subscribe by email


If you use Google Reader and have yet to move, may I suggest an email subscription to keep you up to speed with the very latest happenings here on the blog? Enter your email address into the box at the top right-hand corner of the Miss Thrifty homepage. Free updates, sent directly to your inbox,will ensure you don’t miss any posts, deals, competitions and so on. What’s more, if you subscribe by email then you won’t be affected by any subsequent decisions by our web overlords to shutter feed reader services as they see fit.

Subscribers’ email addresses are strictly confidential and are not passed onto anyone, for anything. In the coming weeks I will be unveiling a redesigned email newsletter that looks dead fancy, and will also include items of interest from elsewhere on the site – along with offers and giveaways exclusive to email subscribers. Do give it a go.

Other readers

If you would prefer to keep using a reader service, there are a few good ones out there. Looking around and at my subscriber stats, these are the most popular replacements for Google Reader:

The Old Reader

The Old Reader



The other popular one is Bloglovin:


BUT. If you opt for Bloglovin, please could you do me a favour and go to the Settings option, then scroll down and select the “I don’t want the frame option?

Bloglovin frame

The reason being, the Bloglovin frame stops visitors to Miss Thrifty being logged as visitors to Miss Thrifty. They don’t show up on my web traffic stats and as a result I lose out on advertising income and more. This blog hasn’t made me rich (yet!) but the advertising income goes towards web hosting, redesign costs and so on, so every click counts!


thank you


Image credits: phlubdr; vernhart.





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2 Responses to “If you are one of my 700 Google Reader subscribers…

krantcents says:

I am still testing out Feedly and Bloglovin’.

July 1, 2013 at 12:28 am

Miss Thrifty says:

@krantcents – Please report back!

July 2, 2013 at 1:01 am

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