How to save money when posting your Christmas cards – part 2

Miss Thrifty1 December 13, 2012

Following my tip for saving money on stamps  this Christmas, here’s my second way of saving money on your Christmas postage. Behold, this extremely useful calendar from Castle Cover. (If you are reading this post in an email, and you can’t see the graphic below, go here to find it.)

It shows you when the last dates are for posting cards and packages of all shapes and sizes, both within the UK and to overseas destinations. If, like me, you leave everything until the last minute – with the additional postage costs that can entail – this calendar is your friend!

By the way, if you are shopping for Christmas presents, this calendar is useful in other ways too. Click on the red Postage tab at the top (or one of the tabs down the left-hand side, if you are viewing this on the Castle Cover website). See all those tabs? Clothes, Toys and so on? Click one, and you’ll get to see the final UK and overseas dispatch dates for a lot of the big chain stores and websites. How handy is that?

Finally, I have an additional postage tip. It comes courtesy of Miss Thrifty reader Hillary, who says: “If you are posting cards overseas, a small difference in the size of the card makes a huge difference in the cost of posting it. I bought two different charity’s cards: one will cost me 87 p to post (it weighs 9 grams) whereas the other one weighs 14 grams and therefore will need a £1.28 stamp. They are equally pretty! So for every ten cards I send, I will save  £4.10 . Impressive?” 

(Miss Thrifty nods approvingly.)

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1 Response to “How to save money when posting your Christmas cards – part 2

Heledd Jones says:

that is such an useful tool – thanks for sharing as I still have LOTS of Christmas shopping to do!
Another top tip (too late for this year but good for next year) – here in Cardiff they have Scout post where Boy scouts deliver local cards for you, only 20p each instead of the price of a first class stamp which I think is about 60p these days!

December 13, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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