Guerilla Gardening: seedbombs in London

Miss Thrifty2 May 10, 2010

seedbombs “What is guerrilla gardening?

“Guerrilla gardening is the art of using a piece of land which you do not own to grow something. One step removed from actual guerrilla warfare, guerrilla gardening takes land not for the people, but for nature; returning misused or disused land and finding a purpose for it. Guerrilla gardeners come late in the night with watering cans, compost and gardening gloves, and turn rotting sods of grass outside some condemned building into a vegetable patch, a clump of daffodils, or a flowering rosebush. ”

My friends Erica and Rachel went guerrilla gardening this weekend. They made 100 seedbombs: wildflower seeds, sunflower seeds and herbs, mixed with mud, rolled into balls and coated with a thin layer of plaster of Paris.

Up here in the Dales, guerrilla gardening is fairly redundant – we’re surrounded by rolling green hills, and it’s difficult to move for hanging baskets, floral carpets and bedecked roundabouts in the run-up to the Yorkshire In Bloom competition every year – but I’m happy to think that down in London, a few grey corners and patches of scrub will soon be brightened up with lupins and/or sweet-smelling thyme.

More about seedbombs here.

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