Groupon deals roundup: £49 iPads and clothes vouchers

Miss Thrifty2 March 16, 2011

I dip in and out of Groupon. Sometimes I like the offers and sometimes I’m not fussed, but some good deals have gone live today so I thought I’d flag up the best ones before they cease to be.

Get a 32GB iPad for £49

ipad t-mobile T-Mobile is offering a 32GB iPad for £49 (worth up to £229), when you sign a 24-month T-Mobile contract (£27 a month). It is tempting but if you are in the market for an iPad, do remember that the iPad 2 is to be released in the UK on 25 March 2011… I suppose it depends on what your priorities are: cheap and “old”, or more expensive and cutting edge. Saving: £180. [Groupon iPad deal.]

£17 for a £50 voucher to spend at

trumpette-mary-jane-socks is a very expensive “celebrity-inspired” fashion website. It’s not really my cup of tea, because nothing puts me off a suede tassel stud waistcoat faster than the immortal words, As Seen on Paris Hilton. Well, that and the price tag (£152, in case you were wondering).

That said, some of the clothes are pretty and this Groupon brings the prices down to more reasonable levels. The best stuff is in the childrenswear section: even the celebrities who dress like clowns know how to accessorise their kids. Pictured: Trumpette Mary Jane socks, £19. Saving: £33. [Groupon deal]

£10 for a £30 Rapanui Clothing voucher

 rapanui discount voucher This is my favourite of the three deals – although I note that at the time of writing it is the lowest-selling, perhaps because Rapanui isn’t such a well-known brand.

Rapanui, based in the Isle of Wight, is an ethical clothing company that makes some really good T-shirts and tops. It manufactures clothes using organic fabrics and renewable energy, and pays its workers living wages.

Pictured is my favourite: the super-soft Panda Bamboo Top, £19.95. [Groupon Rapanui deal]

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Johnny Debt says:

Once again your site is giving us useful information on discounts.

I have to say I enjoy coming back to your site to what useful information you have gathered together.

Well done Miss Thrifty

March 17, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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