Scrapping a car? Get it collected and raise money for charity

Miss Thrifty1 February 22, 2011

scrap car, car scrapping for charity

Giveacar is a social enterprise that organises the free collection and recycling of any car or vehicle, anywhere in the UK. Cars are either disposed of, and the value of the scrap metal donated, or placed into an auction, and the sale price donated.

If you donate your car, you also get to choose the charity to which it is donated. Seventy-five per cent of any money raised goes to the charity, and Giveacar keeps the remainder as an admin fee.

Giveacar works with scrapyards all over the country. It’s a neat idea, which seems to have taken off in the short time since the enterprise launched.

I must admit, I like the hassle-free aspect as much as I approve of the giving money to charity thing. The cars I drive are never going to coin it in at the scrapyard, so getting rid of them is a palaver-and-a-half. With Giveacar, you give them a call; they come and pick your old banger up and spirit it away. Easy!

Giveacar – The UK Scrap Car Donation Provider from Tom Chance on Vimeo.

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1 Response to “Scrapping a car? Get it collected and raise money for charity

Johnny Debt says:

I remember the days when it was difficult to scrap a car. It would cost you to have it disposed of, even then you could not guarantee that they would accept it.

However these days with metal prices soaring, your scrap vehicle is worth a bob or two.

Certainly to be able to just call a charity to take it away must be well worth it, saving all the hassle of organising it all.

February 23, 2011 at 3:37 pm

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