Frugal Grandma tip: devilling your leftovers

Miss Thrifty1 October 19, 2010

Asking Frugal Grandma if she has any good thrifty tips is like asking Diarmuid Gavin if he has any good gardening pointers. When I asked for good ideas for leftovers, this quick and easy recipe for leftover meat was emailed by return.

Devilled chicken (or anything really).

1.  Take enough leftover meat for two.

2.  Put in a dish with one tablespoon each of:

Worcestershire sauce

Brown sauce

Tomato sauce

Soy sauce

Anything else you fancy.

3.  Leave for a while.

4.  Cover and pop in the oven until the meat is heated through. (If you have it, I’d add a teaspoon of Colman’s mustard powder.)

This is very tasty and so easy it feels like cheating! F.G. xxx

I don’t eat meat, so you’ll have to report back to me on this one. Frugal Grandma swears by it!

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1 Response to “Frugal Grandma tip: devilling your leftovers

Johnny Debt says:

I sometimes find that experimenting with different sauces etc makes for a wonderful tasting topping.

A splash of wine also enhances many a meal.

October 19, 2010 at 3:40 pm

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