FRIDAY BARGAINS: Spring bulbs from Woolworths

Miss Thrifty2 October 3, 2008


Who’d have thunk that Woolies would be a magnet for frugal gardeners? It really shouldn’t surprise me – after all, that shop sells everything – but since discovering that it sells good gardening products at rock bottom prices, I’ve become a fan.

If you’re a super-organised gardener looking ahead to your Spring beds, I’d recommend that you check Woolworths out. The plants themselves are hit and miss – a forsythia I bought last year has done diddly squat – but the bulbs and seeds are great value for money. Cheaper than the supermarkets and discount stores, even.

As well as picking up 20 bluebell bulbs for £2.49 (I do like bluebells), I’ve just purchased a pack of 60 bulbs for 97p!

I have:


20 x Anemone St Brigid


20 x Brodiaea Uniflorum


20 x  Brodiaea Triteleia

Plant them anytime from now to December, in gardens or windowboxes, and they’ll come up sometime betwen March and June.

Of course, bulbs are a favourite of thrifty gardeners: once they are planted, they multiply and come up year after year! Over time our next door neighbour’s annual carpet of snowdrops has spread through the hedge and into our garden too.

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admin says:

@Frugal Trenches: Patience, lady! If it’s any consolation, hyacinths grow a lot better indoors than out – as I discovered to my cost last year.

October 4, 2008 at 11:14 pm

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