FRIDAY BARGAINS: Sabatier knives

Miss Thrifty1 September 26, 2008

Sabatier makes the most wonderful knives. The metal is thick and the steel blades are strong and sturdy. Holding a Sabatier it is ten times more easy to fillet a fish, carve a roast or fanny around with baby salad vegetables.

I cherish my block of Sabatier knives, and I thought I should really bring it to your attention that the ironmongery chain Robert Dyas is currently selling  Sabatier blocks for just £24.99 – that’s less than half the standard £59.99 retail price.

For your nearest outlet, click here. Alternative you can order online; the delivery charge is £4.95.

The five knives in the block are as follows:

  • 8″ Chef’s knife
  • 8″ Carving knife
  • 8″ Bread knife
  • 5″ Kitchen knife
  • 3.5″ Paring knife
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