Miss Thrifty1 January 2, 2009

Christmas was a dizzying whirl of visits to relatives and friends in various parts of the South East, and I’m still disorientated. Seriously; I spent this afternoon working while feeling ever so virtuous for beavering away on a Saturday. It was only at 9 pm that I found out it was only Friday (to much chortling from my husband). Hey ho; at least I get to have two “Saturdays” in one week! But it’s time to come back down to Earth again, isn’t it?

It also means that another edition of Friday Bargains is due. And I must admit, I’m enamoured with the sudden rash of £1 deals. They’re everywhere!

The J D Wetherspoon pub chain has slashed the prices of pints of Greene King IPA and bottles of San Miguel to 99p apiece. Ha! When I saw the Wetherspoon cuts price of a pint headlines, I presumed it would be the Fosters or the Bud. But no: it’s the halfway decent stuff. Now I used to quiver with horror at the prospect of setting foot in a Wetherspoon’s  – partly due to being a prize snot, and partly because vertical drinking-fuelled scenes of Begbie-style violence do become wearisome after a while – but then I moved to North Yorkshire and changed my tune. The local JDW, for example, occupies the former Royal Baths site and has a plaque from the town’s civic society.

Asda has also launched a range of £1 bargains. They include slashed prices on 100 frozen food lines, plus 200 health and beauty lines including shampoo and deodorant.

Finally, the Guardian is reporting that an increasing number of pubs are beginning to offer meals for £1. They don’t sound too bad either: menu items include beef and onion pie, and toffee apple fudge cake. Bring it on!

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1 Response to “FRIDAY BARGAINS: In for a Pound

sharon rose says:

Yum, toffee apple fudge cake sounds lovely for £1!!

January 4, 2009 at 10:24 am

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