FRIDAY BARGAINS: Christmas sale hotlist

Miss Thrifty1 December 19, 2008

Despite my avowed intention to keep up with all the UK Christmas bargains, sales, deals and discounts, I’ll admit that it has been hard going. Right now is there any store that is still selling its wares at full price? Woolies has gone under – who’d have thunk it? – and even newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph have taken a break from running the usual glut of diamond-studded, designed-labeled gift guides to publish lists of coupons and codes.

Traffic to the coupon codes sites has boomed, although I find the sites themselves to be a mixed bag: they feature lots of good offers but also plenty of expired ones, which can be irksome.

So I’m quite taken with this UK Christmas Sale website. It isn’t fancy, but it does the job. The site lists all of the sales that are on right now, with links to the stores’ websites.

A sister site lists details of all the post-Christmas and New Years sales.

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