FRIDAY BARGAIN: Twinings tea from Sainsburys

Miss Thrifty0 July 11, 2008

I must admit, few of this month’s supermarket offers are that purse-friendly. There are plenty of two-for-ones, but many of these appear to be processed foods or products such as £5.99 packets of battery chicken fillets, which were of dubious value to begin with.

However, Sainsburys is doing a good halfprice deal on Twinings teabags. Boxes of 80 Twinings Everyday teabags are selling at  99p, down from £1.98. That’s just over 1p per bag.

I’m very, very, very snotty about my tea – no dusty economy teabags on this site, thank you very much! – but Twinings Everyday isn’t half bad. It’s fairly strong, well-rounded – and endorsed by Stephen Fry.

The offer lasts until 22 July.

On a sidenote: I was amused that the Twinings website encourages readers to make themselves a cup of tea every 50 minutes.

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