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Miss Thrifty0 December 5, 2013

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If you look for a cafe with WiFi when you are out and about – for lunch or a coffee when doing your Christmas shopping, say, or to compare store prices – this freebie may interest you. Until 15 December 2013, you can claim an hour’s free WiFi at BT Fon hotspots in the UK and beyond.

Hat-tip to, who got in touch to tell me about this deal. Visit this page of their site to get the details and the freebie code.

In a nutshell, you register your details with BT and receive a promo code via email, which can you activate when you are in a hotspot to begin your free hour’s browsing.

The code works for any of BT WiFi with Fon’s five million hotspots in the UK, or its seven million hotspots overseas. You can find a hotspot by visiting this map.

Over the past few weeks I have been leaning more heavily upon WiFi and public hotspots (right now my lunchtimes tend to be blogging times), and the quality and availability varies widely. You can get fast, free WiFi in McDonalds, and also in Wetherspoons and a lot of independently-owned cafes and bars, but I am surprised to have had problems getting online at some of the chain coffee places. Also, as much as I love the independents, the free WiFi at some of them creaks along and can be next-to-useless. Because I am currently a BT customer (as per my recent post about home broadband) I can get free BT WiFi anyway. But I’m stocking up on this code, just in case…

[BT WiFi with Fon freebie at]

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