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Miss Thrifty0 August 21, 2010

welcome to miss thrifty If you have come here after listening to the Weekend Breakfast show on BBC Radio 5 Live, welcome to Miss Thrifty! My passion for fashion knows no bounds, but neither does my craving for saving…

Here are some posts that you may like:

When “cheap” and “Manolo Blahnik shoes” go together – how I got those Manolos for £60.

Seven good reasons to shop after 7 pm – this is one of the ways in which I get to keep supermarket bills LOW. Also see How to fill your Morrisons trolley for £30.

Why I love debt – I don’t really love debt, of course. This post is the story of how I went from Spendy Queen to Frugal Freak, setting up this blog along the way. When they asked about this on the radio just now I thought, “Crivens! If we get into this now, we’ll be here all day!”

I update my blog with all the latest frugal tips, competitions and must-have discounts. If you would like to subscribe for free, click the orange RSS feed button (up there on the right). You can also follow  Miss Thrifty on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by  – Miss T.

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