Don’t even THINK about paying full price for flowers this Christmas

Miss Thrifty0 November 26, 2013

Seriously: if you are planning on having Christmas flowers delivered this year, perhaps to a friend or a loved one far away, don’t you dare consider paying full whack.

December isn’t the busiest month for having flowers delivered: that honour falls to March, for UK Mother’s Day, and is closely followed by Valentine’s Day in February. As a result, if you do want to say it with flowers at this time of year, there are bargains, discounts and vouchers galore.

Here are just a few examples:

christmas flowers delivered - discounts


1. Marks & Spencer: 25% off orchids. Hat tip to My Voucher Codes, for flagging up a decent deal on Marks & Spencer flowers. Get at least 25% off when you order from a selection of M&S orchids. With this discount, prices start at £22.50 for a Twin Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid (reduced from £30). Free delivery the next day, or on a day of your choice. You can also arrange to  collect your order in-store.

[Marks & Spencer – 25% off orchids]


2. 10% off all orders. This isn’t the first time I have recommended It is a family firm, which began life as a small market stall in Mansfield and now sends out thousands of flower deliveries every week. The prices are good, the quality is excellent, the flowers are sent by first-class post and, whenever I have placed an order, bouquets have arrived on time and looking lovely (or so I have been told). To get 10% off any order placed before midnight on Sunday 1 December 2013, enter the code CHRISTMAS at the checkout. All orders come with free delivery and free chocolates.

[ – 10% off]


3. Interflora: 5% off all orders over £25. Good old Interflora. They aren’t the cheapest, in my experience, but they do command a lot of brand loyalty – as well as helping to support a large network of independent florists around the country. But even if you are an Interflora regular, there is STILL no excuse for paying full price! Order before 31 December 2013 and enter the code BLOG5 at the checkout, to get 5% off your £25+ order.

[Interflora – 5% off orders over £25]


4. Debenhams Flowers: £5 off for new customers. Damn it, Debenhams, stop doing all these deals: I can’t resist posting about them! Although I have never ordered from Debenhams Flowers, if you are in the market for delivered flowers this Christmas it is worth a look because all new customers can get £5 off their first order. The prices look to be competitive, the pictures on the website are pretty and the bouquets are notably heavy on roses and light on carnations. This deal expires on 31 December 2013. Sign up and enter the code AFFNEW5 at the checkout.

[Debenhams Flowers – £5 discount for new customers]


What all the deals above share is that although the discounts are available now, the flowers themselves are available to be delivered up to Christmas and beyond. So if you want to plan ahead and save money on a delivery of flowers this Christmas, now is a good time to place your order…

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