DISCOUNTED: swish work dresses from Marks & Spencer

Miss Thrifty2 February 28, 2014

You may not be aware of this because you haven’t made it past the HORDES of snowy-haired, sharp-elbowed M&S devotees at the swing doors, but Marks & Spencer currently has a good discount offer on.

It’s 20% off, across menswear, homeware, selected furniture, knitwear (including cashmere), dresses, socks and tights. A couple of the premium ranges are excluded but effectively, a good chunk of the store is currently discounted. The discount is automatically applied at checkout, and applies both online and in many bricks-and-mortar M&S shops.

Today I went into my local M&S and was thoroughly peeved to find out that the mint green sweater I’d had my eye on, discounted from £12.50 to £10, was now sold out in my size. The bright side was that on a pootle around the store, I came across some great dresses for work, if you work in an office. Smart without being fogeyish; stylish without being bottom-skimming. (As a side note: why do retailers do this? Seriously, who over the age of 20 wears a work dress that gives you butt underhang?) And of course, all these dresses were discounted by 20%. Here are a few of my favourites:

M&S 20% discount

Zig Zag Fit & Flare Spotted Tea Dress: reduced from £39.50 to £31.60. Also available in black.

Spotted Fit & Flare Tea Dress (not pictured): reduced from £39.50 to £31.60. Again, you’ll need to click through to see the fabric, with its little white polka dots, at its best.

Black shift dress: reduced from £35 to £28.

Ruched shift dress with StayNEW: reduced from £29.50 to £23.60. This indigo number with the ruched tummy panel is the bestselling dress on the Marks & Spencer site. The StayNEW thing is supposed to help the fabric keep its colour and stay bobble-free for longer.


M&S discount dresses


Geometric Print Tunic Dress: reduced from £35 to £28. This isn’t a brocade dress: it’s a flat pattern, just busy.

Lips print shift dress: reduced from £45 to £36. You’ll have to click through to take a proper look at this one: the lips print is great. Also, despite being relatively fitted for a shift, this dress is tremendously forgiving on mum tums around the waist.

Skater Dress with StayNEW: reduced from £19.50 to £15.60. I’ll be honest: I am really pleased that Marks & Spencer does this skater dress, for such a low price. I really like skater dresses: they hang nicely, swing sweetly, can be bunged in the machine, rarely need ironing and are so comfortable. The problem is, most skater dresses have such teeny-weeny skirts. (I suppose that strictly, so do skaters – but you know what I mean.) This dress has a longer skirt and the M&S jersey fabric is really good: it’s soft and stays in good condition for years and years. This dress is turquoise, but also comes in black, red, pansy print and daisy print. I have the black one.

It isn’t clear when the 20% discount offer ends: the website terms & conditions merely state that the closing date is “subject to uptake,” which isn’t hugely helpful. So get in while you can: partly because of this and partly because, in my local M&S at least, the nice stuff is flying off the shelves.

[Marks & Spencer: 20% off menswear, homeware, selected furniture, dresses and hosiery.]




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2 Responses to “DISCOUNTED: swish work dresses from Marks & Spencer

Amandah says:

Morning Miss Thrify
Even though my funds are tighter than an elastic band round your wrist, threating to cut off your blood supply, thanks for the heads up. 😉
Well speaking of discounts, I was going to add this to the Wine link at the bottom of this, but then saw it was 2008, so many would not see it.
Co-Op currently have an un-advertised wine discount going on.
I only discoverd this last week when I went into my local one to get another bottle of this FaBuLous red wine called ‘Chocolate Shop’. Oh boy, have I wanted to try this wine for Soooooo long, it-is-lush!!!!
Anyways, it was on special offer in Jan at £5 a bottle (usually retails at just over £8 hence why I never brought it before hand) so just before the offer ended I brought another and then last week went into get yet another one (no, I’m not an alcie, taste this wine and you’ll understand why I lust after it so AND Co-Op have those “Spend £5 and get £1 off till vouchers at present)
Well to my disappointment it was off the shelf as they were doing a Plan-o-gram change.
So I went back the next day, no label on the shelf and it wasn’t in it’s usuall space ethier, buy still I picked up a bottle and brought it to the till.
It scanned at………………..£4.46!
I nearly fell over.
On closer inspection, after I’d paid, I realised all these previously expensive wines had been moved to one side and all were hugely reduced.
So as it’s kind of payday for me today (if you can call it that whilst being an unemployed student) I’m off to Co-Op this evening to grab another bottle before it is disconntinued forever. So for all who read this, I hope you find a great a discount on as great a wine as I did. 🙂

February 28, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Georgina says:

Thanks for the great post! I always find cheaper priced work wear very tricky to find without compromising on the quality.

Georgina x

February 28, 2014 at 3:45 pm

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