DEAL: cheap pipe insulation at ALDI

Miss Thrifty0 September 10, 2013

Cheap Pipe Insulation

I know, I know: this isn’t the most glamorous of posts. What can I say? You southerners may scoff, but living north of the Watford Gap tends to concentrate one’s mind on such matters once autumn rolls in. Because winter is on the way, folks: already the nights are getting colder and a chill is in the air. If we have another f-f-f-f-frozen season, you can bet that pipes will be popping left, right and centre. 

Depressing, much? Ok, let’s keep this short and sweet, so that we can then turn our attention to nice winter things like warm woollen mittens and crisp apple strudels.

ALDI is doing a SpecialBuys deal (ALDI code for bargain bin) on pipe insulation. From Thursday 12 September, the supermarket will sell you five metres of 15mm or 22mm foam pipe insulation for just £2.69. That isn’t a bad deal: even the cheapo stuff at B&Q comes in at £3.95 for the same amount.

OK, that’s it. Let’s have some mittens now.

warm woollen mittens

[Pipe insulation at ALDI]

Image credits: ALDI; adamknits.

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