Cath Kidston sale highlights: January 2011

Miss Thrifty1 January 10, 2011

My Cath Kidston sale review was a popular post last year, so here’s the 2011 edition. The thing with a Cath Kidston sale, in my experience, is that it’s very hit and miss. There are always some gems in there, but you have to pick through a lot of tat and some pretty stingy discounts to get to the good stuff. Sort of like a church jumble sale, but with premium prices and the notable absence of that mothballs-and-sweet-tea smell.

This year, I am in proper jumble sale mode. There seems to be an awful lot of stuff in the current Cath Kidston sale, but at the time of writing a lot of it is labelled “out of stock”. Even so, I have dutifully elbowed the other bargain-hunting ladies out of the way and had a good rummage on your behalf.


cath kidston harriet dress

This time around, the best deals are to be found on the Cath Kidston clothing rails: a lot of the Cath Kidston fashion items are half-price. This suits me: as pretty as a lot of the clothes are, they’re terrifically overpriced the rest of the time.

You do have to be careful with Cath Kidston clothes. Sure, the fussy prints and old school cuts look just darling on the hangers and on the lithe, outdoorsy models in the Cath Kidston catalogue. But choose the wrong items , and you’ll end up looking like a 1970s social worker. The Rupert Fair Isle waistcoat may have been reduced from £65.00 to £32.50, but trust me: you’d look dreadful in it.

My top tip: look beyond the Cath Kidston sale page. The clothing pages of the Cath Kidston website are filled to bursting with cut-price items and some of them – like the wine red Harriet dress (above) reduced from £65.00 to £30.00 – are not listed in the separate sale section.


cath kidston pincushion Pincushions, including my favourite little felt bouquet (right) are reduced from £6.00 to £4.00.

Kids’ Accessories

cath kidston duckling

Ah, the kids’ stuff is always the best. There are a lot of duckling print items on sale at the moment: the baby gift set (left) is reduced from £18.00 to £12.00.

Sadly, there is nothing exciting in the Kitchen or Laundry sections; even at sale prices, the price tags slapped onto twee embroidered egg cosies and ironing board covers make me bristle.

Accessories and Bags

cath kidston provence rose purse Little to shout about, but the Provence Rose clasp purse (right) – reduced from £12.00 to £8.00 – is pretty.

Hmm, that’s not a very inspiring note to end on, is it? In truth, this sale isn’t a (colourful, felt, embroidered) patch on last year’s; the discounts aren’t brilliant, and it is frustrating that a lot of the sold out items are still showing up on the Cath Kidston website. If you look carefully, however, there are still a few bargains to be had.

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andrea says:

There are certainly some great buys in the Cath Kidston Sale at the moment. I’m loving the purses

January 7, 2012 at 3:14 pm

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