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How to Make Your Own Buttermilk

I’ve picked up a trick from cooks on the other side of the pond, where lashings of buttermilk go into cakes, pancakes and waffles. It’s so easy to make your own buttermilk: you need full-fat milk, and a lemon. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty20 March 15, 2013

miss thrifty - slow cooker lemon curd

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How to Make Lemon Curd in Your Slow Cooker

I wasn’t going to post this recipe. Homemade lemon curd works out at a fraction of the price of shop-bought lemon curd – and tastes so much more zingy and delicious – but I feel a bit strange about adding … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty14 February 20, 2013

porridge recipe

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Thrifty Deskfest #5: Porridge Three Ways

Well, I couldn’t really run a series on thrifty breakfasts without including porridge, could I? Not only are porridge oats a low-cost option (a 500g bag of oats costs around 65p), but my trusty tiffin allows me to make three … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 January 20, 2013

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Thrifty Deskfest #4: Homemade Honey Nut Granola

If you have never made granola at home, there are two things you should know. 1. It tastes just as good as the stuff you buy in the shops. 2. It’s ridiculously cheap and quick to make. Once you start … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty10 January 19, 2013

blender blueberry smoothie

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Thrifty Deskfest #3: Croissant & Blueberry Smoothie

I was in a rush and didn’t have enough honey to make the homemade granola I was planning. So for Thrifty Deskfest #3… We have… An almond croissant, apple and a blueberry smoothie. The croissant was warmed in the oven … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 January 18, 2013

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Thrifty Deskfest #2: Bread Bhurji

 So what’s in today’s tiffin? Bread bhurji, with a nice cup of tea and a couple of satsumas for after: It is the best thrifty breakfast I have ever eaten at my desk – and it only takes 10 minutes … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 January 16, 2013

nkuku tiffin

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A Week of Thrifty Deskfests Begins Here…

Hey, check out my fancypants tiffin: It splits into three pots with lids, and was sent to me by Alpro, along with some other bits and pieces and a challenge: to create a week of tasty breakfasts to eat at … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty6 January 15, 2013

grandma's eggs

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Grandma’s Eggs: how to use up day-old bread

My friend Nadine is a terrifically accomplished cook. She also works from home. This, as it turns out, is a magical combination resulting in sumptuous breakfasts, even on weekdays. Here is a very simple breakfast recipe, which Nadine has kindly … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty7 November 28, 2012

tapioca recipes

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Readers’ Favourite Tapioca Recipes

Recently I bemoaned my dismal track record with tapioca. I’d bought a 6p box of the stuff from ASDA, but the pudding I made with it tasted horrible: “It smelled like rice pudding, but had the texture and taste of … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty3 October 11, 2012

tapioca recipe

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Is there a tasty tapioca recipe out there? Anyone?

During a recent kitchen clear-out, I came across an old box of tapioca at the back of a cupboard – and it took me back in time, to when I chanced upon it in ASDA. I’d never eaten tapioca before, … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty7 September 20, 2012

ornamental orange plant

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Ornamental orange tree? Turn the fruit into jam…

This is a niche post, for the benefit of a select band of pot plant owners. In short, if you own one of these ornamental orange trees (left, as seen on the Cherry Heaven site), this one is for you. … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 September 5, 2012

use up squishy tomatoes

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How to use up squishy tomatoes

This is a really simple recipe for using up squishy tomatoes. You know the kind of tomatoes I mean. Past their best, they are too soft and squishy to pop into a salad, but you aren’t ready to throw them … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 July 31, 2012

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Slow Cooker Recipe: Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is a Portuguese rustic soup. Perhaps I should have cooked something more Jubilee-appropriate this weekend, but truly, I couldn’t bring myself to. The rain was falling, the wind was blowing, the baby had come down with a(nother) cold… … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty9 June 5, 2012

rhubarb and ginger jam

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How to use up old ginger: Rhubarb & Ginger Compote

Miss Thrifty reader Pizimac read my recent post about Frugal Grandma’s Jam Explosion, and decided to create a jam recipe of her own (pictured). Doesn’t it look delicious? It’s Rhubarb & Ginger Jam/Compote. Not only is this a simple and … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 May 24, 2012

radicchio recipe

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How to make radicchio taste nice – toast it!

Have you noticed that a lot of the cheaper bags of salad from the supermarket are now brimming with radicchio? It’s the thick, red-purple leaf that looks good… and tastes horrible. It didn’t used to be this way: back in … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 April 22, 2012

cheap fish stew

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Slow Cooker Recipe: Italian Fish Stew

Hey, you know those squared-off packets of white fish you find in the supermarket freezer aisle? They look like this: I’ve seen cod, haddock and coley packaged like this in Morrisons and Sainsburys. At around £3.00 for 500g, these packets … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty9 April 15, 2012