Budget 2013: What Do You Want?

Miss Thrifty5 March 19, 2013

budget 2013

“On Wednesday, the chancellor must take the opportunity to respond to the squeeze on living standards facing families, not only because it may help his declining popularity but because it is vital to the economic recovery that eludes him.” – Vidhya Alakeson, deputy chief executive, Resolution Foundation

“Anything that puts more money into the pockets of consumers to stimulate growth would be welcomed…such as an increase in the personal tax allowance for the lower paid, a freeze in the increase in fuel duty and a reversal of the 20% VAT levy back to 17.5%.”Rooney Anand, chief executive of Greene King

“A nation trying to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” – Winston Churchill

“In my 30-odd years of analysing Budgets, I have never known a situation as grim as this.”Roger Bootle, head of Capital Economics

Wednesday is Budget Day and there is a lot of fuss about it this year – even more than in previous years, I’d say. I suppose it reflects the pickle we’re in. With so many people feeling the pinch, there are calls for the Chancellor to ease the squeeze on UK families. However another message, which is coming through loud and clear, is that the hard times are far from over…

BBC News has invited me to go on air, after the Budget has been announced, to talk about what it means for people like you and me.  Now I am missing some vital info here. I know what I want: as a working mum, I’m all for the increased childcare breaks.  I am just one voice though.

So over to you! Tell me: what are YOU hoping to get out of the Budget? If you had to pick one measure, which would make a real difference to your day-to-day life, what would it be? Childcare breaks? Suspended fuel duty? Something else?

Do let me know: leave a comment, or tell me what you would like to see via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you.


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5 Responses to “Budget 2013: What Do You Want?

Stella says:

Simply peace of mind that my Husband’s disability benefits won’t be attacked even further. The combined impact of bedroom tax and no longer getting full council tax benefit will see us almost £70 a month worse off.

We just can’t take any more.

March 19, 2013 at 11:55 pm

Violetsrose says:

Subsidised childcare would make things a whole lot easier – its our largest outgoing each month – bigger than our mortgage and my daughter only goes to nursery 3 days a week! – if my work wanted me to be there 5 days a week we’d be stuffed – two thirds of my salary would go on childcare
I’d love to see the price of petrol come down – thats a killer too – but at least I have got other options with transport – I have no other options with childcare

March 20, 2013 at 9:34 am

Naiomi says:

They need to spend a week in the live’s are single working mums, I work & have for over 7 years since my son went to full time school , Im worse of! But refuse to be on dss. I earn min wage and by the time my normal bills are paid(rent,council tax,gas & ele) im left with little off £400 for the whole month out of that i have to pay (car insurance,car tax,mot’s, feul, food shooping,house keeping,tv licance,water rates, phone/boardband bill,) then child care top up! My personal favourt even though there are people on bennfits who get more than me! I no longer get free school meals theres another £50 a month and no longer get free bus travel for my son whos school is an hour+ walk £300 a year! Easy to say ive never walked into a shop and brought new clothing, always lived of carboots,charity shops,ebay. The school meals one is a good place to start. And if someone says sandwhichs pffff tried this by time id brought everything worked out the same if not more, The goverment says your children are entilled to free school meals if your gross income of no more than £16,190 WOW i wish i earn under £11,000! £5,190 whole less but because im on working tax i dont get the free meals But someone on bennfits who gets £5,000 more a year they do ????? Im not shocked why so many single mums dont work i wonder myself some days when im scraching up in my cupboard what i have to knock together for dinner.

March 20, 2013 at 10:32 am

Naiomi says:

As above to yes childcare is a killer & forgot to mention parking to that cost me over £20 week i have to sometimes miss paying things and juggle around to make ends meat. Im in one of the poorest living places and old minners town and childcare here alone £150 for 5days take the 70% thats £50 a week also im confussed how im still going somtimes.

March 20, 2013 at 10:36 am

Sandy says:

I was thrilled to read that the UK has become the first of the G8 countries to fulfill its promise of 0.7% GDP in aid.

March 20, 2013 at 8:22 pm

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